Seller’s Proactive Marketing Plan

Objectives of Marketing


Plan of Action Strategy

  • Submit property to the Multiple Listing Service.
  • Call you every week with an update.
  • Put property on multiple websites:, Zillow, Homesnap, etc.
  • Develop a list of features and benefits of your home for other brokers to use with their potential buyers.
  • Email the features sheet to the top 100 agents in the marketplace for their potential buyers.
  • Expose through the Mike Ferry Company, a 500,000 person nation & global-wide agent referral network that I have been a part of for 32 years.
  • Tele-market (target calling) 4 hours per day to find a buyer for your property.
  • Contact over the next 7 days my: buyers leads, center of influence and past clients for their referrals and prospective buyers
  • Put up “For Sale” sign.
  • Put on Brokers tour for maximum exposure.
  • Follow up with agents that have shown property to get an offer and or feedback from
    their buyer.
  • Receive an offer or offers and strategize a response or acceptance.
  • Call each week with progress reports on the escrow.
  • Close escrow and finish sale.

From beginning to end, we want to make sure that your needs are met at every step of the way.

Where do Buyers Come from?

  • 1% — Open houses
  • 2-3% — Print or Magazine
  • 8-10% — Respond to an Open House or advertisement, and then buy something else
  • 20% — ‘For Sale’ sign and Brokers Tours from actual licensed and insured Real Estate Brokerage firms
  • 25% — Salesperson contact
  • 40% — Multiple Listing Service, Internet, and daily prospecting to targeted buyers

Source: National Association of Realtors

Client Menu of Services Needed

  • ROOF
  • INSPECTIONS (TERMITE/HOME ETC.) ________________________

In our quest of offering the highest quality, full service possible, please check any items that you would like Princeton Pacific Properties to get bids on your behalf.

Timeline for Selling Probate Property

Your attorney files the petition for your appointment as the estate’s personal representative.

Day 1 – The Probate Court issues Letters, your authorization as the personal representative.
Day 10 – Michael Young is selected to market the home.
Day 10-40 – An intensive marketing period occurs with our Plan of Action.
Day 40 (Option A) – If sold under Independent Administration: Upon acceptance of an offer without Court Confirmation, if applicable, a typical 30-45 day escrow period follows. The successful bidder secures financing, executes proper documents, causes escrow to close, and approximately
Day 40 (Option B) – If sold with Court Confirmation: Upon acceptance of an offer subject to Court Confirmation, a confirmation hearing date is set by the Probate. This normally occurs if there is fighting amongst family members.
Day 70-85 – The estate receives final sales proceeds.

Court (usually 30 days after this initial bid acceptance). On approximately Day 70, in person, the attorney reports to the open Probate courtroom and to the Probate Judge the Personal Representative’s willingness to accept the previously made bid. At the court hearing, the Judge then offers anyone present in court the opportunity to make a final, higher bid on the property. This is truly a live, in-court auction. At the conclusion of a back-and-forth auction, the final sales price and highest bidder are approved by the Probate Court. A typical 30-45 day escrow period follows. The successful court bidder secures financing, executes proper documents, causes escrow to close, and approximately Day 100-115, the estate receives final sales proceeds.

This represents a general timeline of marketing, sale, and closing escrow during Probate administration. Estate properties may sell and close escrow in as short as 30 days, or as long as, or longer than any other real estate sale. There is a wide range of flexibility associated with the sale of probate property not discussed here. Please call me for more information.

The Internet

Millions of people search the Internet every month in search of passive information when it comes to looking for a new home. My company spends thousands of dollars every year to make sure your home is exposed to these buyers! This benefits you as your home will receive ultimate exposure. This exposure enables buyers to see your home first and our phones to ring. We will pre-qualify all prospective buyers, set showing appointments, and sell your home!

Why List with Michael Young?

  1. Track record – 32 years of experience in selling homes in the Bay Area.
  2. Commitment – Promise to do what I have done for over 2,600 people and counting.
  3. Pricing for maximum return – Efficient and accurate on getting the highest price, in the least amount of time.
  4. Utilize our extensive network – Part of an International and Global network of high producing Realtors getting exposure to buyers from all over the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.
  5. Marketing – A strong, modern and pro-active Plan of Action.
  6. Integrity – I only promise on what I can deliver.
  7. Follow up – I along with Princeton Pacific Properties advise, guide and counsel every step of the way.
  8. Internet Presence – Your property will receive maximum exposure on many different websites. Over 92% of homebuyers begin their search online.
  9. Prospecting for buyers – We prospect a minimum of 4 hours per day. We will aggressively promote your home until it is sold.
  10. Client Care and Communication – We have created a meticulous system for weekly updates that include team activity on behalf of your home and feedback from agents and buyers, ensuring you are aware of our progress every step of the way.
  11. Range of Services – We proudly offer all services you require under one roof including, mortgage, title, closing services, relocation, staging, insurance and home preparation.

Harnessing the Internet

The Internet is an integral part of home sales in today’s market. At Princeton Pacific Properties, in addition to the MLS online listing, your home will be available anywhere to anyone who has computer access.

Web Exposure

87% of buyers in CA consider the internet an integral part of their home search

87% of buyers in CA consider the internet an integral part of their home search

Eighty seven percent (87%) of buyers in California consider the Internet an integral part of their home search process1. In the tech-savvy San Francisco Bay Area, one may assume this number is much higher. In order to reach these critical buyers, Princeton Pacific Properties places special attention on distributing all of its listings to the most powerful home search sites on the web.

Every listing will be prominently displayed on our website, as well as:

  • Google Base and Maps
  • Yahoo Real Estate
  • Redfin
  • Craigslist
  • Mike Ferry Company
  • (All)

Our agents ensure that each listing is enhanced with attractive, professional photographs and a carefully written description designed to highlight the most attractive aspects of your home.

And if your property is priced above $1,000,000, your agent may choose to utilize other powerful digital marketing tools, such as:

  • Slide shows
  • 360-degree virtual tours
  • Single property websites
  • Videos

Buyers also have access to your property when they’re on the go. We have customized our website for the iPhone, and our mobile application allows buyers to see text message a request for more information. They receive photographs and details designed for viewing in a mobile web browser.

Proactive Marketing – A hallmark of Princeton Pacific Property dynamic exposure of your home or investment property.

The first showing of your home most likely will not be a Realtor walking someone through your home between 8:00 AM to 6:00PM. There is a 90% chance that the first showing of your home will be a buyer looking at your home off of the Multiple Listing Service or an offshoot of that from Zillow,Trulia, Homesnap etc. The days of Reactive Marketing (waiting for a buyer to show up at an open house or from an ad in the newspaper) are long gone.

Today’s buyer responds to Proactive marketing through daily targeted prospecting, and access to the property through the internet. Princeton Pacific Properties Plan of Action in marketing your home is designed for and leads the way forward to achieve this very goal.

90% of home buyers searched online during their home buying process (Source: 2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers) and 89% of new home shoppers use a mobile search engine at the onset and throughout their research (Source: Google & Compete Home Shopper Mobile Survey, 2012)

Superior Technology to Better Serve Our Clients!

In real estate transactions time is of the essence. At Princeton Pacific Properties all our agents have accounts for the top eSignature service, DocuSign(registered trademark). This service empowers our agents and clients to operate faster and more efficiently in completing the necessary transaction documents. This is the only web based service that securely automates and controls the entire electronic document signing process and helps all involved to stay ahead of the competition.

DocuSign® is easy to use

Your Princeton Pacific Properties Real Estate Agent will upload the necessary documents into the DocuSign(R) system. Then they will assign the areas that need to be completed. You will receive an email notification from your agent that you document is ready for review. You will then be walked through a few simple screens to select your electronic signature style and sign the documents. When you have finished reading, reviewing and acknowledging receipt of documents with electronic signatures the document will be sent electronically through the system to your agent. There is no requirement for any special software or hardware, all you need is an email address and an Internet connection! You can even complete documents on you web-enabled mobile device!

Environmentally Friendly

In addition to the convenience of this service, reading and signing documents electronically can nearly eliminate the need for paper, creating a far “Greener” transaction!

Pricing Strategy

Pricing your home correctly is critical. The key in most markets is to maximize the number of qualified buyers who see your home, with the initial listing price. If your home is priced too high, many of your target buyers won’t even look at it. The longer your home sits on the market, the less your home may eventually sell for.

Getting Ready for Sale

  • Through preparation, leverage and negotiation, we can help you.
  • When we list your home for sale, we have a detailed plan that we follow.
  • We help you prepare your home for sale with recommendations for improvements and repairs
  • We can do a staging consultation to help your home show its best.
  • We have the proper disclosure forms for you to complete so you can fulfill you duties to the buyer.

15-Day Action Plan

Our 15-day action plan is designed to list and sell you property quickly.

* This is a hypothetical sales plan. The exact timing of the sale of your home may vary. An action plan will be customized for you property and individual needs.

Preparing Your Home For Sale

First Impressions Are Lasting

The first impression (curb appeal) is vital. You lawn should be trimmed, walkways swept, and the front door cleaned with a doorbell that works.

Decorating For A Quicker Sale

A minor investment in paint and carpet may pay you dividends in the form of a better price and a quicker sale.

Let The Sun Shine In

Open the drapes and curtains. Clean the windows so that a prospect can see how bright and cheerful your house is. Dark and dreary rooms do not appeal to most home-buying prospects.

Little Things Make A Difference

Loose doorknobs or cabinet pulls, sticking doors and drawers, wobbly hinges and stuck windows are all negative factors. Take a few minutes to check and repair all these seemingly minor flaws.

Safety First

Keep stairways and corridors clear. Clutter is unattractive and causes accidents.


Let prospects see the full value of your basement, attic, garage and closets by removing junk and cartons. Rent a short-term storage space if necessary.

Bathrooms & Kitchens Sell Homes

Make bathrooms and kitchens sparkle. They must be spotless. Clear all countertops and remove all magnets and paperwork from the refrigerator. Less is more!

Showing Your Home

Can You See The Light?

Illumination in your home can be the “welcome sign” for every prospect. Turn on all the exterior and interior lights including accent and picture lights.

Avoid Crowds

Potential buyers will feel like intruders and want to hurry through your home if there are too many people around. Send the kids over to the neighbor’s house and take a walk while your house is being shown.

Silence Is Golden

When showing your house, turn down, or off, radios or television sets. Let the agent and the buyers talk freely without having to yell over any noise.

Put “Scruffy” Outside

Dog is man’s best friend, but not when showing your house. Keep pets out of the way, not underfoot.

This Is Not A Social Call

Be courteous and friendly, but don’t force conversation with potential buyers. They’re there to inspect your house, not to be social. Let the agents do the talking.

This Is Not A Garage Sale

Don’t try to sell the potential buyers any of the furniture or furnishings that you don’t want to take with you. They haven’t bought the house yet – you could ruin the sale.